Atlanta downtown skyline during twilight blue hourAtlanta has earned itself the nickname of “Hotlanta” and a quick glance at Atlanta events that attract locals and visitors alike will demonstrate why. First of all, during the cold winter months Atlanta stays a relatively balmy 44 degrees Fahrenheit. For a visitor from New England or Upstate New York, that is weather for wearing shorts. The temperature allows for numerous Atlanta events to be held outside when the Northern part of the country is huddled under snowdrifts.

The climate is also responsible for the growth of the iconic fruit of Georgia and Atlanta: the peach. Many Atlanta events are centered on this fuzzy fruit. This includes the celebration of the New Year where the “Ball Drop” has been replaced by the “Peach Drop.” Atlanta shares in a celebration of this symbol with the entire state. Mention a peach and listeners of a certain age will think of the Allman Brothers and their classic album “Eat a Peach.” Mention Atlanta to someone under that certain age and they may immediately think of the entire cavalcade of rappers who are associated with the “Dirty South.”


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