I would love to take some Atlanta tours

I would love to take some Atlanta tours

atlantaI have been to many states across the country, but I have never been to Georgia.  I’ve heard about some great Atlanta tours that you can take.  Some Atlanta tours take just an hour or two and cover the major historical sites.  On the other end of the spectrum, I have even heard about Atlanta tours that you do on foot that take five hours!  If a hiker was to ever come to the area, he or she would probably be best suited for those types of Atlanta tours.

If I was ever going to look into taking Atlanta tours, one type I would want to consider would be by a horse drawn carriage!  But, instead of having the driver dressed in a top hat and suit, it would be great if he could dress like a jockey and make the horses go really fast.  That would be the most exciting of all the Atlanta tours!

Sometimes, the best Atlanta tours are the ones you do by yourself.  You can plan ahead, think of all the splendid places in the area that you want to visit, craft a personalized itinerary, and have at it!  You can even make Atlanta tours that are themed after your own interests.  Look up places where your favorite musicians are from, and draw up a few Atlanta tours that take you to those places!  One of my favorite rap duos is from Atlanta.  It would be great to host Atlanta tours that are themed around their music and their former places of residence!

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