The Top Three Most Essential Camping Safety Tips

The Top Three Most Essential Camping Safety Tips

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As summer gets ever closer, millions of Americans and their families will be flocking to campsites all across the country. In 2010 alone, 40 million people embarked on a camping trip and made 515 million excursions altogether. So if you and your family have booked a camping trip for peak camping season, you’ll certainly be in good company to enjoy the great outdoors.

Yet camping can also present a number of hazard to your family’s health and safety if the right precautions aren’t taken. It’s fairly easy to take the preventive steps necessary that will allow everyone to have a fun — and safe — family trip at one of your favorite campsites.

Here are three of the top safety tips for you to follow before visiting one of the country’s many campsites:

Get vaccinated

Before going camping, you should make sure everyone in your family is vaccinated against common tick- and mosquito-borne diseases that are commonly found at outdoor camping grounds. Safe, effective vaccines for Lyme disease, tetanus, meningitis and more are all available and are all good vaccines for anyone to get — not just camping enthusiasts.

Safely perform physical activities

It’s the main reason why most people choose to go camping — the opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy nature while doing it. Walking, hiking, biking, kayaking and swimming are all great ideas for outdoor recreation. To stay safe while having fun, be sure to bring along protective gear like helmets, sturdy shoes fit for hiking and life jackets.

Stay safe from the sun

While camping, you and your family will more than likely spending most of your time outdoors and under the sun. And just because you’re not sunbathing — and just because it’s a cloudy or overcast day — doesn’t mean you won’t be in danger of a sunburn or sun poisoning. Make sure everyone in your family uses a broad-spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 15 or higher, and try to stay in the shade during peak sunlight hours.

Know of any other important safety tips and tricks to offer for family camping vacations? Share with us and your fellow readers in the comments below.