Three Ways That Camping Vacation Cabins Are Becoming More Modern Than Ever

Three Ways That Camping Vacation Cabins Are Becoming More Modern Than Ever

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Camping has long been hailed as one of the best ways for American families to enjoy quality bonding time with the beauty of the natural world serving as a backdrop. In addition to the fresh air and endless outdoor activities in which you and your family can partake, many families go camping to escape the distractions of modern life.

Yet many more people don’t like the idea of sleeping on the ground with just a sleeping bag to separate you from the earth — which is why a growing number of campgrounds are equipping their cabins with modern-day amenities that make camping feel a little bit more like home.

Just how are today’s campgrounds making their cabins offer a little more of the comforts of home to campers? Here are three modern-day amenities you and your family might be finding on your next cabin camping trip:

Free WiFi
Did you know that a free WiFi connection is now the most-desired amenity that campers request when they go on a camping vacation? More campers desire WiFi than other amenities like a campground shop or even safety lighting, as one recent study found. As more campers seek to document their camping experiences on social media as they take place, demand for WiFi at America’s campgrounds will continue to rise.

Increased electric voltage
Campers are increasingly bringing their mobile devices with them on their camping vacations — and these devices need to be charged. As a result, more campgrounds are upping the voltage capacity offered in their cabins, allowing everyone in the family to charge up their tablets and smartphones as they get ready for the day’s next excursion.

The luxuries of glamping
If free WiFi and increased electricity isn’t enough to make some campers comfortable, there’s also glamping, which takes place at luxury camp sites. A glamping cabin is more like a hotel room than a cabin, and will offer feature amenities like fitness centers, laundry and more. Best of all? Many of these sites rely on renewable, sustainable sources of energy, making it easy to respect the environment as you explore it.

Do these new technological advances in camping make you want to stay in a cabin during your next family camping vacation — or would you still prefer to rough it in a tent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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