Three Great Camping Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Three Great Camping Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Camping is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand pastimes in America. Millions of American families go camping each year to escape from everyday distractions like TV, video games and the Internet. As a result, taking your kids on a family camping trip to any of the country’s numerous campgrounds can be an exciting outdoor adventure that allows for plenty of quality bonding time.

But what if you and your family can’t seem to agree on what you’d like to do during your upcoming trip? What if you’re all out of ideas for activities everyone can enjoy once you arrive at your tent camping or cabin camping ground?

Fear not — we’ve compiled this list of the three best activities to pursue during your next family camping excursion that we’re guaranteed everyone will enjoy:

Take a hike

Choosing to take the family for a hike allows everyone to take in all the beauty of the natural world while getting their blood flowing. Kids delight in identifying animal tracks, seeing different varieties of birds and plant life and exploring the forest. Even small children can participate if your campground has less-difficult hiking routes! Just be sure to pack lunches for everyone and bring plenty of water and sunscreen — and never let children go hiking without an adult’s supervision.

Bring out the guitar

If your family is full of music lovers, it might be a good idea to bring an acoustic guitar along on your trip. However, you don’t necessarily need an instrument; your family’s voices are sufficient on their own. Campfire songs are one of the best ways for families to bond! If you don’t know what songs are best to sing around the campfire, a quick web search can give you plenty of ideas before you leave the house.

Enjoy some outdoor campfire cooking

Whether you make s’mores or cook a full breakfast in the morning, the campfire is a great place for the entire family to help cook a delicious meal in the outdoors. Because it’s a team effort, it can show children how to pitch in and act as part of a group when cooking and cleaning up.

Know of any other good family-oriented activities to do during a camping trip? Share your favorites with us in the comments below! Read this for more. Refernce materials.