Three Great Tips for Going Camping in Your Own Backyard

Three Great Tips for Going Camping in Your Own Backyard

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Camping is one of the most popular activities for families across the country. In 2012, an astonishing 3 million more people went camping than they did in 2010. This is because camping helps kids learn to respect nature and discover lifelong outdoor activities they might not have tried before. It also gets the whole family spending time together away from technological distractions.

If you don’t want to travel a long distance to a camp resort, or if you have young children who might not be ready for a traditional camping trip, you might think that camping isn’t possible for your family right now. However, the whole family can go camping without going anywhere — just set up camp in your own backyard!

Want to turn your backyard into a place where you can have a family camping trip that’s as close to home as it gets? Here are three of the best tips we have for camping with kids in the backyard:

Pack up some camping gear for an authentic experience

The first thing you’ll need to do for a successful backyard camping trip is gathering up all the tents, sleeping bags and flashlights your family will need. In many cases, these items are already lying around the house and don’t require a trip to the local superstore. If you don’t already own a tent, you can usually get one for a cheap price — you won’t need anything too expensive, since you’ll just be in your backyard. Setting up these tents can be a great family bonding experience!

Discover and explore the backyard’s natural wonders

Camping with kids means keeping them entertained. To do this, show them all the plant and insect life your backyard has to offer. Teach your kids to respect all life forms — even the icky bugs that live under rocks. Another great activity? Stargazing. When the sun goes down, show your kids all the constellations in the night sky. The Big Dipper is always a favorite!

Cook over a campfire or fire pit

It’s not a camping trip without some authentic campfire-cooked foods. If you don’t own a fire camp, try setting up a campfire in an open area of the yard. You can use your own dishes and silverware to cut down on landfill waste. After dinner, be sure to have plenty of supplies to make some s’mores.

Have any other tips and tricks for going camping with kids in your own backyard? Feel free to share with us and other readers by leaving a comment below. For more about this, go here.