What to Pack for Your Puppys First Road Trip

What to Pack for Your Puppys First Road Trip

Packing for a dog’s first trip can be overwhelming. Ensuring you include all essentials while making the luggage as light as possible can be challenging. As this video explains, there are several items that one should pack. Putting these items into separate categories can go a long way in ensuring one does not forget to pack important things. Some common categories include clothes, hygiene items, toys, and of course, the best puppy food.

It is vital to keep the puppy clean when traveling.

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Therefore, one should pack hygiene items such as a toothbrush, dog-safe toothpaste, brush, shampoo, and a towel. They should also include bug sprays for pest control and a poop bag to clean after the puppy’s mess. To help keep out pathogens and diseases, it is also vital to bring antibacterial products and other medication.

Other important things to pack are the puppy’s food, toys, and leash essentials. One should visit a dog store to ensure they get the best puppy food. A dog’s road trip diet can include dinner food, treats, and other different bites. Additionally, one should pack toys to keep the dog busy and a harness to keep it close and safe. Lastly, for small dogs, it is recommended to carry a carrier backpack to keep the dog when traveling.